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Randolph B. Beasley is the founder and owner of Seekfirst Forensic Consulting. 

Randolph enjoyed a 30-year career working at the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Scientific Investigations Division (Crime Lab).

As a Forensic / Crime Scene Specialist for the CSI Unit he processed hundreds of homicide cases in addition to other crimes and officer involved shootings. His duties included Crime Scene Reconstruction and Photography, Latent Fingerprint Processing and Comparisons, Collection and Preservation of Physical Evidence, Shooting Scene Reconstruction, and Bloodstain Pattern Analysis.

Randolph was one of the trainers for the SBCSD - Scientific Investigations Division CSI Unit and the SBCSD Advanced Officer Training Center. He also administered Proficiency Tests for SBCSD crime scene personnel in the disciplines of Crime Scene Processing and Bloodstain Pattern Analysis. 

The International Association for Identification has certified Randolph Beasley as a Senior Crime Scene Analyst and Bloodstain Pattern Examiner. Randolph has taught various courses and workshops related to Crime Scene Analysis and Forensic Science at the International Association for Identification, California Department of Justice, California Association of Criminalists, and for law enforcement agencies since 2001. 

Randolph has consulted and testified abroad as a Forensic Expert for both the Prosecution and Defense. He is available as a Forensic Consultant in both Civil and Criminal cases. Sometimes simply evaluating the case with "fresh eyes" and an unbiased attitude can lead to additional examinations, new evidence, and a different opinion.

Randolph Beasley has a passion to help his clients find both the truth and justice through the evidence.

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